JRockit – JVM connection

add the following entry in setDomainEnv.sh as an extra java properties

EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES="-Xmanagement:port=7091,ssl=false,authenticate=false,autodiscovery=true ${EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES}"

The above entry is to enable the remote agent and make sure that the property is set while starting the weblogic server

Then try to create a new connection

and then add the entries to connect to the remote weblogic server

Test the connection and wait for OK and then press finish

A new JVM connection is established.. Now you can proceed with the profiling and monitoring of the server

1 thought on “JRockit – JVM connection

  1. Veronika

    now Business Events, that is pretty cool besuace we can integrate our Model logic with SOA composites through standard events.Ok did you try this with EDN. I only got this working when I deploy the adf webapp on the soa server thanks Edwin


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