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IE8 element not found error

Try It. Love It. Or We'll Take It Back.

We recently stuck with this error in IE8 and in other browser the application is working without any problem.

On searching for a solution we found this link

The fix is to download the attachment – ie7tlbfix.reg and apply the registry fix onto the windows

This issue is discussed here as well


select tab based on the commandlink

The example of the paneltab selection by clicking the af:commandlink example is here

The same use case can be achieved by passing a request parameter for the goLink like

<af:golink destination="/faces/index?dt=true">

and enable the panelTabbed showdetailitem accordingly..

<af:showdetailitem disclosed="#{param.dt eq 'true'}">


At last made an entry in Jdeveloper and ADF forum’s Top users list.. 10th now.. will soon climb up..