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Android Development – made simple

Android Development

This tutorial is target for those who knows basic smartphone usage and then knows to program in java, others can also checkout this tutorial after knowing concepts of java

the installation includes downloading the Android Studio, checking for proper SDK, connect your phone through USB using the ADB driver
make sure you have it installed before starting to develop an application

Next is the Architecture
1st the Application layer is where all your application sits
2nd layer is the framework layer which interacts with the application for different purpose and services.
3 layer includes the libraries used for different operations such as media, graphics etc. this layer also contains Android Run time components
4 layer is the linux kernel as android is built on top of linux shell

Components of Android
Activities – user interaction with the smartphone
services – background process for the application
broadcast Receivers – system events and communications between os and the application
content providers – data related management

Fragments – portion of the ui within an activity. you need to open a contact us page within activity
view – UI element drawn in the screen. you want a rectangle filled with red colour with rounded corner
layouts – screen formats for the views.  – linear layout, grid layout etc
intents – interaction between components. eg. u need to call the camera service from your application or dial a phone number
resources -storage for all strings, values , constants styles etc. value pair
manifest – this is the configuration file for your application. some thing like a web.xml in J2ee application

To know more see this video

Download the presentation from here

ADF Mobile Development

I have written a page on ADF mobile here


ADF for Android

official support of ADF for Android is from This is discussed in this forum.