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weblogic hangs – whats the solution??

If sometimes the weblogic server hangs without leaving any clue behind for debugging just try this out and it might solve the problem.

rename the ldap directory inside


and you are saved for the day..

one clue for doing the above change is to check for the log and if you see this line then the workaround will solve your problem


usually after enabling iiop the server will start with the security. So the corrupted ldap causes the problem of server getting hanged.

snippets – to collapse a tree which is expanded

public void rowDisclosureListener(RowDisclosureEvent rowDisclosureEvent) {
System.out.println(":::: RowDisclosureListener Invoked");
int depth = tree.getDepth();
if (depth > 0) {
RowKeySet discloseRowKeySet = tree.getDisclosedRowKeys();
RowKeySet addedRowKeySet = rowDisclosureEvent.getAddedSet();
Iterator addedRowKeySetIter = addedRowKeySet.iterator();
if (addedRowKeySetIter.hasNext()) {
Object firstKey =;
AdfFacesContext adfFacesContext = null;
adfFacesContext = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

Sherman release notes

create pdf from VO

useful link that i found to create a pdf from a view object

Ojdeploy – how to include taskflow related files to include

When you build trough ojdeploy the task flow related files like page-template.xml, task-flow-registry.xml are not added in the deployed adf library.

to include that we have remove the entry in the ojdeploy snippet

<ora:parameter name="nocompile" value="true"/>

more information is here

jdeveloper extensions link

you can download all the extensions related to jdeveloper from this location

Oracle ADF certification


I am now an Oracle certified Application Development Framework Implementation specialist.

I wrote the 1Z0554 exam yesterday.. and managed to passed the exam..

My certification status currently is


jdeveloper 11g release 2 is out

jdeveloper 11g release 2 is out