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Mission Accomplished within Oracle!!

Finally.. I have reached this point.. all out of frustrations.. 🙂

They.. still point the finger at me… again

I started this from December 2009(last 6 months was awesome)

setting uniqueid for the attributes

At design time, Fusion Middleware extensions provide the ability to identify if an entity attribute needs a globally Unique ID. This is accomplished by setting Application Unique ID to true in the entity attribute’s Property Inspector


Increase the minimum/maximum heap size of Jdeveloper

To change the values for minimum and maximum Java heap, modify the corresponding parameters in $JDEV_HOME/ide/bin/ide.conf

Other parameters can be set in $JDEV_HOME/jdev/bin/jdev.conf

What is Fusion and what are we doing

Fusion as the name describes is the collective integration of best of breed softwares to simplify business needs. The revolutionary dream of Oracle claims to change the way we see business applications.
Some of the key technologies included are

UI Technology – ADF UI, ADF DI, ADF Mobile, DVT

Model Technology – Toplink, EJB

Backend Technology – Oracle Database, Essbase

Orchestration – Oracle BPEL Process Manager, SOA

Secuirty – Oracle Platform Secuirty Services,OPSS

Server – Oracle Weblogic Server

Customization – Oracle Metadata Services MDS

Aditional Technology – Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Services ESS, Oracle Business Rules OBR, Oracle Data Integrator ODI

and many more technologies from acquired products.

Javascript code to fire the event

The following function can be called using the af:clientListener on any event

function showMenu(event){
 var adfRichMenu = event.getSource();


Difference between commandToolBarbutton and commandButton

Ever wonder what is the difference between a commandToolBarButton and the commandButton

here it goes

CommandToolBarButton – partialSubmit – Default Value: true
whether the action should be done through a partial page submit or not. The default is true for commandToolBarButton, so be sure to specify partialTriggers if content needs to be updated.

CommandButton – partialSubmit – Default Value: false
whether the action should be done through a partial page submit or not. Default is false: no partial page submit; the full page will be refreshed. When set to true, the full page will not be refreshed. To re-render specific components on your page in response to the partial page submit, you have to tell ADF Faces. The easiest way to do this is with the partialTriggers attribute.

solving ws/common/contextProvider error

Adding the web service data control library to the project will kick this error out