About me

Hi, I am an Oracle Certified Specialist working with Oracle Technologies since 2005 and is currently a Fusion Middleware Consultant. Some of the technologies I have worked on includes Oracle ADF, SOA, Webcenter, Identity Management. I contribute more on the  Jdeveloper and ADF discussion forums. I am currently responsible for building and deploying applications using Oracle Fusion Middleware Tech stack.

I am working closely to involve myself more on to develop a complete Oracle Centric Environment and to serve better for the community.

He is currently working with Oracle in Redwood Shores, USA.

Vinod Krishnan has over 8 years experience in the Information Technology industry and a multifaceted career in positions such as Senior Consultant, Senior Applications Engineer, Software Engineer and Solution Architect for MNC’s like (Oracle, Capgemini, Keane). His many years of experience have exposed him to a wide range of Oracle Technologies that includes java, J2EE, Weblogic, Fusion Middleware, SOA and Webcenter.
For the last Seven years, Vinod is actively involved in large implementations of next generation enterprise applications utilizing Oracle’s JDeveloper, Application Development Framework (ADF) technologies. He holds a B.Tech. in Information Technology from Anna University of Chennai, India.

I have authored a book and here is the Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner’s Guide


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. adfwatch

    Hey vt! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. There are a few very useful articles I am happy to find thanks to you. I was wondering if you happen to know much about how to pass custom task-flow parameters to a JavaScript function? I have had a hard time finding proper documentation on methods to do this. I know the best practice, just can’t find the details.


  2. Udai Anjanaiah

    Hi Vinod Krishnan,
    Nice to meet you. I came across your blog when searching for a solution on selectOneChoice dropdown box. I wondered if you would be able to help me resolve an issue.
    Thank you.


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