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How to in Jdeveloper ADF Tutorials- Add your own Tip

Have your own Tip in jdeveloper

if you want to add your own tip to Jdeveloper then follow

close Jdeveloper
1) go this location – ${MIDDLEWARE_HOME}\jdeveloper\jdev\doc\studio_doc\ohj\tip.jar

2) create a html file – tip_11_0460.html (just increase the number for eg : tip_11_0470.html)
3) create an image file in images folder if you want to refer this in your html tip – tip_11_0470.gif
4) have your html registered in – tip_map.smp

 <mapID target="tip_11_0470_html" url="tip_11_0470.html"/>

open Jdeveloper

persdef error

When you ever get this error

Then go to adf-config.xml and then remove the mdsC:adf-mds-config entry completely.

The content of the tag goes like this

<mdsC:adf-mds-config version="">

<mds-config xmlns="">







<metadata-store-usage id="WebCenterFileMetadataStore"

default-cust-store="true" deploy-target="true">

<metadata-store class-name="oracle.mds.dt.persistence.stores.file.SrcControlFileMetadataStore">

<property name="metadata-path" value="../../mds"/>







<customization-class name="oracle.adf.share.config.SiteCC"/>







<!--<span class="hiddenSpellError" pre=""-->mdsC:adf-mds-config>