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Webcenter Services at a glance

AnalyticsGoogle Analytics – shows analytics for the personal site

AnnouncementsGoogle calendar announcement about the birthdays and anniversary

BlogBlogspot for blogging

DiscussionsForums to discuss anything

DocumentsGoogle Docs for content management

EventsGoogle calendar to mark events

Instant Messaging and PresenceGtalk for messaging

LinksGoogle bookmarks for storing links

ListsListing of ongoing/pending tasks


NotesGoogle Notes

NotificationsFacebook posting on walls

People connectionsFacebook

PollsFacebook polling for suggestions

PersonalizationsiGoogle to personalize home page

Recent ActivitiesFacebook activities

Activity GraphGoogle site statistics

RSSBlog feed for updates

SearchGoogle search

TagsPicasa photo tags

WikiWikipedia for informations

WorkListstodo lists for daily Agenda

SOA – a quick view

What is SOA?

SOA is standard based method of system development and integration

What are the benefits?

  • Reusability
  • Integration
  • Interoperability
  • Agile development
  • Scalability
  • Cost Efficient

What are all the ways to implement services?

  • Point to point approach
  • Vendor specific implementation
  • Web services
  • SCA-style implementation

What are Services?

  • Building blocks of SOA
  • Interface and message structure definitions
  • Standard protocol for interoperability

What are SOA standards?

What is SCA [Service Component Architecture]?

SCA provides a programming model for building applications using SOA

What are the difference between SOA and SCA?

  • SOA is an approach or implementation style and SCA uses SOA to build a composite application
  • SOA is architectural style but SCA is assembly model and defines/design

What are the elements of SCA?

What is SDO [Service Data Object]?

  • Representation of data source in XML format and specifes methods to create, delete and modify data
  • Simplify and unify the way in which applications handles the data

What is EDN [Event Driven Network]?

  • To handle asynchronous messaging arising from a business event
  • Supports publish and subscribe model
  • Aligns with Event driven Architecture [EDA]