How to add FavIcon to the ADF page

I bet this is a common question among ADF developers who wish to have their own favicon for their page

Please follow the steps to achieve the same

add the following facet to the af:document tag of your adf page

<af:document id="d1">
<f:facet name="metaContainer">
 outputText escape="false"
 value='png" href="#{facesContext.externalContext.requestContextPath}/favicon.ico">' id="o1"/>

please note that the favicon specified in the value attribute in the outputext should be in the root-level of your web application

6 thoughts on “How to add FavIcon to the ADF page

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    1. Dima

      Great article! I wodenr how easy it would be to sell actual Twitter T Shirts on twitter? Might have to try that one.Though twitter seems to be covered in adverts so hope it wont put people off.Thanks for the post

    2. VInod

      Hi Ans,You can achieve this with those steps:1. Generate Entity Object Java class with Data Manipulation Methods optoin included for Detail entity2. Look for doDML(…) method in newly generated class, this method is executed during Create (with code 1 for Create operation)3. In doDML method you can access all attributes from Detail entity and using code available in my blog post – create row in this not dependent table. Just reuse code from createCountry(…) method.Regards,Andrejus

  3. Polina

    Hi Andrejus,Getting same error when using form based authentication.In my web.xml I have now fooliwlng entries after changing the login authentocation method from when I login, , I get 403 forbidden error.Can you plz provide help to solve this.Using Jdev


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