oracle.mds.exception.MDSRuntimeException: MDS-00168

Target URL --[Application_Name]-[Project_Name]-context-root/faces/[page_name].jspx
<22-03-2010 09:57:51 AM CLT>    <[ServletContext@27112686[app:[Application_Name] module:[Application_Name]-[Project_Name]-context-root path:/[Application_Name]-[Project_Name]-context-root spec-version:2.5]] Servlet failed with Exception
oracle.mds.exception.MDSRuntimeException: MDS-00168: MDS object oracle.mds.core.MDSInstance@160bf69 is being used after it or its MDSInstance or PManager has been released.
at oracle.mds.core.MDSInstance.checkNotReleased(
at oracle.mds.core.MDSInstance.getPersistenceManager(
at oracle.mds.core.MDSSession.getPersistenceManager(
at oracle.mds.core.MDSSession.getBaseMO(
at oracle.mds.core.MDSSession.getMetadataObject(
Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace

The above mentioned error is due to a known issue for JDeveloper and ADF 11g.

This is related to the initialization of the ADFShare components in a web environment. the oracle.adf.share.http.ServletADFContext must be initialized per request. Normally, this is achieved because the jdev design time adds the ADFBindingFilter to the project web.xml when certain actions are taken

The ServletADFFilter must be used for correct use of ADFContext. ServletADFFilter specifically setup ServletADFContext properly at the start of the request.


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