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How To in Jdeveloper ADF – To call a VO from another VO or from AM method

How to set an Attribute value from one VO into another VO?


//in you Application module Impl file have the follwing code written inside the method which will set the value for another vo
//lets say UploadView is the View object that you would want to set the value
ViewObject vo = findViewObject("tUploadView");
//if its not in Application Module, you will have to get the VO instance either from iterator if you are using this code in the bean
//get the rowset of UploadView
RowSet rs = vo.getRowSet();
//iterate through
//get the row
Row r = rs.next();
//set the value
r.setAttribute("ValueItem", value); //ValueItem is the Attribute that you want to set

Breaking singleton pattern

Singleton pattern in java can be implemented by the approaches explained here

Now here is the code to break it using reflection

public class NormalClass{

 private NormalClass(){ //having private constructor

 private void print(){



public class Main{

 public static void main(String[] args) throws InstantiationException, IllegalAccessException, SecurityException, NoSuchMethodException, IllegalArgumentException, InvocationTargetException {

 Class c = NormalClass.class;
 final Constructor con = c.getDeclaredConstructor();

 final Method meth = c.getDeclaredMethod("print", null);

//---- You will get IllegalAccessException without this ---
AccessController.doPrivileged(new PrivilegedAction() {

public Object run() {
 con.setAccessible(true);// turning off the access check
 meth.setAccessible(true);// turning off the access check
return null;


 NormalClass n = (NormalClass)con.newInstance(null);