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Decompiler for Jdeveloper

You can use JAD or any other decompiler with JDeveloper to show you the decompiled version of the source instead of the standard stub view with the following command line argument.

The property is ‘jcncmd’, and to use for instance ‘jad.exe’, you would use:

“-J-Djcncmd=D:\bin\jad.exe -b -ff -nl -p -pi99999 -space -t2”

There are two conditions: – the external decompiler must send its output to stdout – the external decompiler must accept as its last argument the full path to the Java class file to decompile. In the line above, -p forces the output to stdout.

Also you can invoke using control click by editing $JDEV_HOME\jdeveloper\jdev\bin\jdev.conf and add the following line

“AddVMOption -Djcncmd=D:\bin\jad.exe -b -ff -nl -p -pi99999 -space -t2”