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af:selectonechoice not getting updated

Today i had an interesting problem at work. The issue is that the user selects the value from a selectonechoice and moves to the next page and when he returns back to the same old page the selectonechoice is not updated with the value that is selected previously.

the selectonechoice is not bounded to any of the bindings and we manually create the list using the managed bean. here is the base snippet which resembles the problem

selectOneChoice simple="true" value="#{Bean.list.itemNo}" id="soc1" unselectedLabel="Please Select">
 selectItems value="#{Bean.listItems}"/>

while debugging the value the value is all available but somehow the value is not shown in the selectonechoice. The value is again moves to the “Please Select” option specified in the unselectedLabel when the user moves back to the original page.

couple of things i tried which failed
1)binding to the bean and getting the value

2) having the value as “#{Bean.list[‘itemNo’]}”

finally I got to see the following warning in the log saying

13-Jul-2011 20:27:54 oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.renderkit.core.xhtml.SimpleSelectOneRenderer _getSelectedIndex
WARNING: Could not find selected item matching value "1" in CoreSelectOneChoice[UIXEditableFacesBeanImpl, id=soc1]

This warning gave me a hint to think the problem in a different way and leads to the solution

Actually the list that we are manipulating assigns the value on the fly like


List<SelectItem> items = new Arraylist();


//inside the method

items.add(new SelectItem(code.getItemlabel(), code.getItemValue()));


the above code has to rewritten as shown to solve the above mentioned issue

//inside the method

SelectItem item = new SelectIem();


item.setValue(code.getItemValue()); //here the value should be an Integer value
//if the value is a String then this has to be like