Win A free copy of the ‘Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner’s Guide’, just by commenting!

Hi All,

Packt Publishing have asked me to conduct a give away contest for the book that I have written.
Its a great pleasure to conduct the contest.

For the contest Packt Publishing will sponsor  for three e-book copies of Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner’s Guide that will be given away for the lucky winners.

Competition Closed

Winners are here

Oracle ADF is an end-to-end framework which makes application development simple by providing infrastructure services as well as visual and declarative development right away.

“Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner’s Guide” guides any user with programming skills to be able to quickly learn the options and ways to develop rich Internet applications using ADF 11gR2. Containing all the skills that a new user has to use to build an application in ADF 11gR2, this book is designed in such a way so that it enhances the practical feel of developing applications in ADF 11gR2.

Starting with the installation and configuration of Oracle ADF 11g RD we will then work through topics such as working with the Model Layer and Model Data followed by displaying and binding the data. Later we will look at Navigations and Flows within applications as well as their layout, look, and feel. “Oracle ADF 11g R2 Development Beginner’s Guide” will conclude with us looking at the security and deployment of the applications which have been created.

Happy commenting,


106 thoughts on “Win A free copy of the ‘Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner’s Guide’, just by commenting!

    1. Anonymous

      To qualify for the competition you should answer the question mentioned above – why would you like to get this book?

  1. Vinay Kumar

    We have many books on ADF,but as Vinod explain things in easy and clean way in his blog, i am sure this book would really helpful more on skining and security part.. Being a follower of vinod ,I believe this book will provide the practical understanding of ADF on what to use when. Each time we met problems when developing ADF applications, we ask google, or search in OTN, and most of time it will lead me to Vinod’s blog, it covers almost everything and each post is perfect,It would be like treasure in ADF ,I really want i could have one , it will give me a more general ideas about how to work with ADF, how to do the best practices …

    I want to read this book.

  2. David Martin

    We use ADF to develop functionality for use with Oracle WebCenter Portal. As we recruit new staff and introduce the technology to some of our other staff, this book will be a great starting point for their knowledge.

  3. Nadeem Mehdi


    I am techie passionate about learning new technologies. Although I worked on many technologies, I never got an opportunity to work on Oracle ADF and now since I have recently joined an organization which actually owns the Oracle ADF I would like to explore Oracle ADF technologies and get some hands-on experience. Hence, being a beginner, I would appreciate if any help is provided to me in my learning curve.

    Therefore, I request you to provide me with a copy of your book so that I can go ahead and learn Oracle ADF.


  4. Martin

    Recently, i was thrown into the wild water of ADF in my job. I just rely on myself and stuff i can find on internet. I’m very interested in this technology, but there is a lot of stuff and i’m confused sometimes looking for something concrete. I think i’m still at the beginning of the way and need to push myself further.
    sorry for my english, hawk 😉

    1. Bunny

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  5. Anonymous

    Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner’s Guide
    Why you would like to buy this book?
    To Gain more knowledge in Oracle ADF 11G R2 and complete my ADF 11G certification on 2013.

  6. Allan

    Starting down the path of developing applications with ADF at work. This book would be a great resource to have and help with the learning process! Can’t go wrong with a book focused on a beginners viewpoint.

  7. Raj Reddy

    Been working as Recruiter for last 8+ years and also contributing to open source. Want to move to full time as a Software developer. Have completed java 1.4 certification(programmer, in 2004) and would like to start looking at various technologies to pick one that i am interested in pursuing my career. This book would surely help me learn the basics of Oracle ADF.

  8. Nitin Jain

    I have been working with MVC based models and development for the past 8 years. I think Java, JSF combination is much more powerful. But then, I am just beginning to explore ADF. Need to know more about it to actually declare it the winner !! 😉

  9. Gowrisankar N

    would like to read the book, then i can comment about the value of content, Please share the index of the book that you have covered in detail,

    All the best!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Although I have worked for 5 years in ADF, still would like to go through your book and provide my comments


  11. christian glorieux

    I prefer this book rather than ADF for dummies to start an initiation: more professional, more technical, tips&tricks, clear. I know nothing of ADF but it’s almost over. Thanks.

  12. Mohanraj Nataraj (@MohanrajNataraj)

    I always prefer books to learn new technologies. Books explicate things from very basic. When I search solutions on Google, most often it points the finger at Vinod. I inspired his problem approaches through his blog. This book contents exhibit the Oracle ADF development from inception to end. Especially it’s good to understand the ADF architecture. Also, Alexander Hansal’s review decided me to buy this book. I believe this book will lead me do the best practices in Oracle ADF development.Thanks to Packt and Vinod.


  13. Henk Joenoes

    I have just started to work with ADF. It would be nice to learn to to work with the latest tools. It would give me a headstart over my competitors.

  14. Yaseen Jaber

    I am working at an educational institute since 2002 as a software developer and a project manager using Oracle and java and I have started learning ADF a month ago and I think getting your book will help me a lot.

  15. Saurabh

    I have done training in ADF from oracle and I am also oracle certified ADF specialist. I hope this book will be good reference for all. How will you send this book to me?


    I am an OCP PL/SQL developer and my programming skills and duties address Oracle Technology. I want to delve into a new framework as ADF.

  17. Vikalp Jain

    I am ADF Freak and need to get this book very desperately to go deep into world of ADF…Hopefully I will be getting soon..Thanks in anticipation..!!!

  18. Kotresh T M

    I am new to Oracle ADF, I need this book to learn ADF completely. hope i will get it. Thank you.

  19. piyushg

    Hi, i am new to ADF and interested in learning it. i think this is the right book to start with for me.

  20. espada

    1st of all , thank you for writing this book.. the best of it that its for beginners and written by you an ADF Certified Specialist and active community in the ADF world “OTN” where you helped many people there,
    for me yes i admit i’m a beginner in ADF, looking forward to understand it correctly then move to SOA using Oracle ADF, there is some books about ADF but sadly non of them is for starter.. I don’t Know WHY!!!!!
    i checked the content of your book.. and yes its the beginners bible..
    2nd thank you for giving us such opportunity to win a copy of your book..

  21. Andreas Chatziantoniou

    I would buy the book in order to understand how ADF is developed. By understanding it I can assist developers when I set up an infrastructure and guide them during deployment and tuning issues.

  22. Danilo Schmiedel

    We are a leading project specialist for custom-build SOA/BPM applications and individual Business Intelligence solutions in the German market. Our ambition is to help organizations to be better than their competitors. One of the technologies we are using is Oracle ADF – so this book would be really helpful in order to get new ideas and to help new colleagues for getting started.

  23. Mike

    We train young developers to use ADF, using our own training material. A comprehensive beginners guide would be a welcome addition to this material and help us further grow the ADF community!

  24. Deena

    I was lucky to know Vinod in person and he was helping and guiding our team in ADF. Proud to see him came up with a book on ADF. Like his blog which helps many of the ADF developers in resolving the issues, I expect this book will also do the same in an organized manner.

    Congrats & Kudos to Vinod…


  25. Anonymous

    My company is working on some project using ADF as tool for the development. We have student intern who is beginer in ADF. With the book it will be easy to rapidly develop skill for our project.



  26. Alexandre

    My company is working on some project using ADF as tool for the development. We have student intern who is beginer in ADF. With the book it will be easy to rapidly develop skill for our project.



  27. vijay

    I am an Oracle UCM expert and I am planning to learn ADF to enhance my skills on Webcenter suite.

    I am planning to go for this book to start ADF learning

  28. Varun Jain

    Hey Vinod..Being with you in Oracle..seen your appreciable participation on forums both internal/external..and the way you simplifies the complex issues by your blog posts is recommendable..

    Now, being myself on the same path of forum tracking and helping the community..your book can definitely come handy to me…

    Moreover, myself being in ADF Development now for more than 5 years..will definitely act as a reviewer/critic..can suggest points for your book..which may help to improve the book in further editions…what say?

    Do I get a copy now..:-)


  29. Ong Ja De

    I’m using Oracle ADF for more than 1 year. And I think that this book is very suitable for the new comer to my team. Hope I can get a copy of the book.

    Thank you!

  30. Shadab

    it would be great to receive a copy to start with Adf….looking forward hope i will get it…

    Shadab Akram

  31. Zameer

    I am very eager to know your book , particularly ADF 11g Release2.
    Please send me a copy


  32. Ayham Al-Sayed

    Although I work in the field of the OIM/OAM; I am looking for a book that will eliminate the guess work and give me a simple,clear and precise methodical instructions to develop applications using the Oracle Application Development Framework.

  33. Ragesh

    i know adf 11g but not much .I want know much more about ADF 11g So that i want Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner’s Guide ..

  34. Abhishek

    It was so good to see the book in market along with so many big names flourishing. Vinod is a great professional with excellent knowledge of ADF and Webcenter. i look forward going through it and implement solutions with ideas mentioned in the book. All the best Vinod..Way to go ….

  35. Rama A

    Hi I am an Apps Technical Consultant (UI) and came to know that there are lot of opportunities on learning ADF. I thought learning on my own. I am looking for a good guide to start on it. I gone through the contents of your book. It would be a great help if I can get a copy to start my career on ADF.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rama Avanigadda.

  36. Chandra Shekar Bairi

    If I am sure I would not read any other book on ADF development after I read this then I would not only read it but also recommend others to buy it

  37. Oscar Ovando Echeverria

    Im really sure that this book is what i need to begin my path to be a better developer and person. If i win this book i will use it as much as i can. thanks for reading

  38. Chinchu S Mahesh

    Thanks very much for your attempt to promote ADF. As an Fusion Developer it be very helpful to everyone who be willing to explore the ultimate application development framework. As we dont have much books in market for ADF, It be very useful for everyone.

    I be really glad if I could get a copy of it.

    Thanks once again.

  39. Priyanka Priya

    Oracle ADF is really very good development framework . It uses visual and declarative development. The more I am learning ADF the more I want to explore .

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  40. Mohammad Jabr

    I know Vinod from OTN site, he is a rare individual who proved himself as one of the ADF expert in short time. I am still remember when he has posted a thread on OTN asking about how to contribute in ADF book .Today, his past dream becomes reality, congratulation 🙂 . For everyone who want to learn ADF, no matter how busy you are, you must take time to read this book. I am sure this book will be a precious treasure on my book shelf.

  41. Datta Tembare

    Its a gr8!! I have been working in Oracle ADF from last four year but still need help always.
    If I get a such bunch it will be great for me…
    Thanks! Vinod & PP.


  42. Bhaskara Reddy Sannapureddy

    Oracle ADF is a wonderful book for beginners as well as advanced developers. They can easily follow this book and apply tips and concepts in their projects. It’s a great book. Thanks to authors.

  43. adfcoder

    every time when i get doubt i will search in ocean(google) and i will address my issues that will solve my issues that moment and i will document the things and i will maintain it in my personal repository,this is my routine work i will spend half of my time on searching in google even some times i don’t have any clue on how things are working and why not all the times. since 2011 i have started reading books on oracle adf and i am maintaining one personal repository even i have dream of writing my experiences i am thankful to all the book writers and blog writers on Oracle ADF definitely this book will address all the fundamentals of how and what’s of ADF and it will guide all the developers to build their skills and also successful adf applications.
    i am proud to be working on adf technology 🙂

  44. Deepak Mishra

    Oracle guides are very vast and in depth explaination which is so hard to digest, I am sure this guide will have great indepth explanation with good illsutration of real time scenrious.

  45. bhargav

    since 11 days i am working on adf application migration per day i am spending 14 hours in Google to crack ADF magic still i am not sure on how the application is working ,if i get this book by next week definitely it will be handy for me crack the magics.

  46. Sumit Sinha

    Wold like to see how this book explain the concept and subject matter in simmple language with appropriate examples to enhance the knowledge on ADF.

  47. Bharat

    eager to learn the ADF from the book as we haven’t found good material to learn ADF in step by step process. Hope this book contains clear steps to go with ADF which can understand by any beginner.

  48. Arun


    I am pl/SQL interested in extending my skills to ADF development. It looks like this book is a good way to get started.


  49. Lakshmi

    I am preparing to take the ADF certification. I started by reading the Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook and then practiced all the JDeveloper tutorials. But, these tutorials do not cover all the topics required for the certification. For that, we have to study the guide. I didn’t think it is possible to just read everything in the guide and remember. I wished there was a book that covered all the topics in a simple manner followed by a practical example after each topic which will help you understand and remember everything. By looking at the table of contents of this book, I know that this is the book that I needed. So, it would be nice to get a free copy, it will surely help me to get certified.

  50. atul

    Nice content, well articulated content, a easy language to understand technical terminology. good demos and explanation to why

  51. Alejandro Meza

    We have been developed applications for more than 10 years using ADF Framework, since JDev 9.0.2. We’re constantly upgrading our applications to upgrade look and feel, redesign application structure, implement new performance functionality and to be at the top of technology. Oracle ADF Framework is a primary concern of our development teams, this book is a must and part of our document library so everybody can have a reference to understand the framework and can share knowledge for new developer generations.

  52. rafi shaik

    simply it is the best book for the beginners to read and practice at first level…

    rafi shaik

  53. subhash

    it covers almost everything and each post is perfect,It would be like treasure in ADF ,I really want i could have one , it will give me a more general ideas about how to work with ADF, how to do the best practices …

    I want to read this book

  54. Nageswara Rao

    Past many years working in Oracle Applications worked on many technologies.I never got to work on Oracle ADF. there are so many technologies coming up and hard to follow each one. Since am involved with OAF I would like to explore Oracle ADF technologies and get some hands-on experience. I am novice user on ADF and i believe it would be of a great use for me upon reading the book.

    I request you to provide me with a copy of your book so that it helps me learning Oracle ADF.


  55. Dr Phaneendra Nath Vellanky

    With so many technologies emerging and complex applications challenging, your contribution and valued guidance for successful application of technologies and tools are most welcome. Please keep up good work and provide us valued guidance like this. Can I have a copy please?

  56. lakshmi

    Iam currently working in ADF Technology.i too need this book to have more knowledge. can i have a copy of this.


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