Sherman release notes

3 thoughts on “Sherman release notes

  1. Alicia

    Hi, Andrejus. Great blog – I have learned a lot from you!I have an ineritsteng dilemma that I hope you might have a minute to point me in the right direction.I have a public ‘home’ page. On it, I have a login box (username, password, login button) that calls the doLogin action as you described. (Actually, using my own bean, since my app is just ADF, not a WC Portal app.)It successfully logs the user in, but doesn’t seem to follow the “action” and navigate to another page – it instead leaves the user on the public ‘home’ page.Here’s the source for the “login” button: It calls loginBackingBean.doLogin and logs the user in, but doesn’t then navigate to the “page2” action defined in my task flow.Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!Thanks,Karl

  2. Mamita

    Hi Andrejus,Just a curious qoiutesn, please.Suppose you have deployed your webcenter portal solution and gave it to the customer, can they still customize the loginpage and error page on their own?[pre] FORM /login/login.html /login/error.html [/pre]As I know, portal in JDEV11G PS5 uses form login.Any thoughts.


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