Webcenter – How to create a Space

In this post i will quickly help you how to create a group space.

What is a Space?

WebCenter Spaces provides the Spaces, which bring content together through a single access, accessible through the WebCenter Spaces application of by direct URL, to help groups of people to share information and interact in a collaborative fashion.

Example of Spaces?

  • Large Company intranet with multiple departments like HR, Finance, Administration etc
  • Internet Groups that share common interest

How to create a space in Webcenter Spaces?

When you login to the spaces the application looks like the following screenshot. You have to click on the Spaces tab to view all available spaces.

To Create the space , you will have to click on the Create Space link that is marked to open a dialog to create the space. The Name, Description and the Keywords are entered to create a space. Adding keywords will help to find your space  from the available spaces.

The next section will allow you to provide the URL for your space. You can also set your access level in this section. You can make the space visible to anyone by making it Public or set an invitation based access with the Private access. Keeping it hidden makes your space not visible to others and will not appear in the search results also.

The final step is to choose the template that your spaces is targeted for. There are 6 templates available for you to choose from the option.

Hope this post helps you to know about Spaces and to create it using webcenter.



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