select tab based on the commandlink

The example of the paneltab selection by clicking the af:commandlink example is here

The same use case can be achieved by passing a request parameter for the goLink like

<af:golink destination="/faces/index?dt=true">

and enable the panelTabbed showdetailitem accordingly..

<af:showdetailitem disclosed="#{param.dt eq 'true'}">

1 thought on “select tab based on the commandlink

  1. Elena

    Ok I found a solution to my prbeolm.I set inputListOfValues component’s autoSubmit to false.Then I add an listening to “onBlur” events.And in the javascript code executed on blur, I call an AdfCustomEvent wich do nothing.I think this call refresh UIComponents or something like this, so the outputTextField is populated with the good value.And without autoSubmit=true, I have no more prbeolm with the LOV search execution or I don’t know what.h0s


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