system folder not getting deleted… uffff

I am fed of this Jdeveloper.. Its behaving weird sometimes and will no listen to what I say..

quite many of us would feel the same way and there is only one way to fix this..

Deleting the system folder… 🙂

this post will tell the exact location where you can find the system folder in windows..

One issue that we face is that how much ever you try to delete sometime you will get

so what’s the reason:

This issue is because of the limitation in windows machine that the maximum length of the folder hierarchy is 255 to 260.. not sure about that but its less than 260 characters.. [path+filename]

and to identify in our system folder.. the following path violates the above max limits.

C:\Documents and Settings\{user_id}\Application Data\JDeveloper\system11.\DefaultDomain\servers\DefaultServer\tmp\_WL_user\oracle.webcenter.framework.view

(all folders [3 mostly] that starts with oracle.webcenter.framework under _WL_user)


move all the three folders that starts with oracle.webcenter.framework to much higher level .. say.. outside the actual system folder itelf.. [C:\Documents and Settings\{user_id}\Application Data\JDeveloper\].. and delete it..

now your system folder will get deleted easily.. 🙂

3 thoughts on “system folder not getting deleted… uffff

  1. Marcio

    Hey Mark,Thanks for the heads up. We had been looking frwarod to this release. Especially the part of integrating ADF with BPM w/o the need for BPEL.Any idea if they plan to make the preview version downloadable? Anything before Feb 2010?

  2. Jane

    Hi,Yes, detail VO is fatser – is using data from cache, there is no separate SQL execution.”Retain View Link Accessor Rowset” this option is good for another reason – for ADF trees. When user opening and collapsing same node – it will keep node children in memory.I will double check your second question about accessor changes and will get back.Andrejus


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