Bored of the same old Jdeveloper splash

If you get bored with the same old splash screen for jdeveloper, then go straightaway and modify the file from


Do not change the dimension. Look at mine  🙂

Keep playing…

2 thoughts on “Bored of the same old Jdeveloper splash


    This is an ADF query.

    I have to implement a refresh functionality in ADF ui page such that if some CRUD operations happen directly at backend but not through ADF, Refresh must update AOs correspondingly , consistent with the backend. For example, If i am deleting a row from a table from the DB directly, The corresponding row should not be shown in the UI page upon refresh. Currently, I am unable to do so. Please explain the technique, I should use to achieve this.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. vtkrishn Post author

      what is the refresh condition set the table iterator in the pagedef?.. the refresh condition should be set to always so that whenever the change happens in the backend that gets refreshed in the UI


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