Show dialog when a page is fully loaded

1. Add popup and outputText component at the end of your page (make sure popup is before outputText in the page structure)

2. Create bean binding for popup as well as outputText.

3. In the getter of outputText, launch popup programatically.

4. Set visible=false for outputText

1 thought on “Show dialog when a page is fully loaded

  1. Hiroshi

    Hi andrejus,Thanks 4 a great tip up there,I have a sreiacno where I have a parent page which is more like a dashboard where I have four regions which shows data for monitoring purpose of different reports of the application. * All there regions are put inside a panel Box with the command link to refresh the data in the regions. * The regions are dynamic regions where different task flow are assigned at runtime governed by their backing bean TaskFlow Id’s (No input parameter for taskFlows).The problem I face is, I am able to restart the taskFlows in the regions to their default activity by hitting the refresh the link using this small piece off code.BindingContext bctx = BindingContext.getCurrent();BindingContainer bindings = bctx.getCurrentBindingsEntry();DCTaskFlowBinding taskflowBinding = (DCTaskFlowBinding) bindings.get(“dynamicRegion2”);taskflowBinding.getRegionModel().refresh(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance());But the iterators in the page fragments of the task flows are not getting me the fresh values in the DB, instead they give me the values that are fetched during the initial loading. So can anyone kindly tell me how to refresh the regions from the parent page such that it refresh’s the taskflow and get a fresh values from DB very time it loads.Thanks and Regards,Vijai


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