Difference between commandToolBarbutton and commandButton

Ever wonder what is the difference between a commandToolBarButton and the commandButton

here it goes

CommandToolBarButton – partialSubmit – Default Value: true
whether the action should be done through a partial page submit or not. The default is true for commandToolBarButton, so be sure to specify partialTriggers if content needs to be updated.

CommandButton – partialSubmit – Default Value: false
whether the action should be done through a partial page submit or not. Default is false: no partial page submit; the full page will be refreshed. When set to true, the full page will not be refreshed. To re-render specific components on your page in response to the partial page submit, you have to tell ADF Faces. The easiest way to do this is with the partialTriggers attribute.

2 thoughts on “Difference between commandToolBarbutton and commandButton

  1. Omkar

    I’m working on the same topic. And there are some qunoitses 1. Which version of WebCenter Spaces you are using?2. Did you config the BPM, SOA, WebCenter Spaces on one Managed Server If not, how to resolve the library dependence on the BPM taskflow which added to the WebCenter Resource Catalog?3. How to add taskflow which have library dependence to ExtendWebCenterSpaces application? Although I created weblogic.xml under ExtendWebCenterSpacesWAR/WEB-INF directory, there still no effect in deployed war file.


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