closer look at the FacesServlet instance

This is always ignored as a default servlet that gets generated in the web.xml, but do we know the actual usage of this servlet?

All the JSF applications should include a mapping to this servlet in the deployment Descriptor. The usage of this servlet is that it

  • accepts all the incoming request
  • passes them to the lifecycle for processing
  • intializes the resources

it is usually defined in the web.xml file as


with corresponding mapping as well


the servlet includes servlet lifecycle methods to initialize and process the request

init(ServletConfig)FacesContextFactory,LifeCycleFactory is identified and the lifeCycle reference is obtained with the default lifecycle id
service()the pathInfo is manipulated from WEB-INF and META-INF folder from the request, FacesContext is obtained, lifecycle is executed and rendered, later the context is released
destroy()all the instances are destroyed.. technically speaking nullified


One thought on “closer look at the FacesServlet instance

  1. Ella

    “closer look at the FacesServlet instance | They point the finger at me.
    . again!” was a perfect posting. However, if it had alot more pics it would likely be possibly even far better.
    Take care ,Shad


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